Ode to the countryside

The house

Great weekend in Burgundy. One of those that revolves around catching up with friends (and sleep) and eating great food. On the latter, I’m pretty sure we spent more time at the table than not.

A highlight was cooking in and on a La Cornue, the French equivalent of an Aga, and the crème de la crème of ovens. Named after the industrial versions that were the pride of the French steel producers at the turn of the century, it is said to be made in a way that enables heat to circulate uniformly. We did make a great roast chicken with it.

The house is situated in the  Côte d’Or département which produces most of the best Burgundy wines (“Grands Crus”). Part of it was built in the 11th century, the rest in the 15th. Aside from the beautiful property, there is a great wine cellar and a huge garden containing several vegetable patches, the whole lot enclosed by a moat (a moat!).

The fab wine cellar. This bottle (which we drank and which I would highly recommend) is propped on the bar. I loved the fact that there is a bar in there!

Lovely rainbow chard in one of the vegetable patches

The last of the season’s apples

The funny thing is that I spent my teenage years in England moaning about the fact that we’d moved to a village with a one-bus-a-day service. And now there’s something about the clean, crisp air, the absolute silence at night, the rosemary growing a couple of feet from the house, and the apple trees visible from the living room, which makes me want to be here all the time.

I’m sure the irony will not be lost on my mother is she reads this. Mum, I’m sorry for all the grief I gave you!

Great weekend nonetheless.